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COVID-19 Temperature Screening Service

We offer on-site pre-screening services including Temperature Screening/Testing Service at different location including but not limited to: Workplace Facilities, Retail Businesses, Clubs, Manufacturing, Refineries, Churches, Event Venues, etc.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) advises the implementation of precautionary practices including, among others, the pre-screening of employee’s temperature in order to assess symptoms prior to them entering into workplace facilities. Same advice applies to any other facilities such as Retail Businesses, Clubs, Manufacturing, Refineries, Churches, Event Venues, and many other places where certain number of people gather.

We have developed a comprehensive screening and monitoring strategy aimed at preventing the introduction of COVID-19 into the work sites, business locations, clubs, manufacturing facilities, churches, event venues, and more. The strategy consists of a program of screening workers, visitors, customers, club members, etc. before entry into these places as well as developing with our clients the criteria for exclusion of sick individuals; keeping detailed data logs, reporting to designated decision makers of those cases that trigger certain pre-determined thresholds/conditions, etc.

COVID-19 Temperature Screening Services

Our screening services include but are not limited to:

  • Providing hand sanitizer at locations point of entry.
  • Taking individuals’ temperature using non-contact infrared thermometers at locations point of entry to ensure individuals do not have fever.
  • When providing the Temperature Screening Service at workplaces: keeping detailed daily logs of screened workers information (workers’ names, registered temperature, direct supervisor, etc.)
  • Reporting to upper management of possible symptoms and thresholds conditions that could trigger certain pre-determined actions such as preventing individuals entering the premises if they have a fever of 100.4°F or greater (or reported feelings of feverishness).
  • Ensuring social distancing guidelines are followed in point of entry locations
  • Provide verbal screening of COVID-19 and contact with COVID-19 cases in appropriate language(s) to determine whether individuals have had symptoms. 

NOTE: Screening customization is available. Questionnaires, temperature checks/screening, and other services we offer will all be provided following CDC, OSHA and EEOC guidelines.


Screeners Safety

The safety of our screeners is paramount. Therefore, we have come up with a detailed Safety and Risk Management Program that every employee candidate must satisfy before being considered for employment in any capacity. Our safety program starts during the hiring process which is always the first quality control mechanism. Our efforts focus on adequately preparing all team members to understand, identify, anticipate, and proactively avoid any mistakes when it comes down to being in contact with possible COVID-19 infectious individuals.

Staff performing temperature checks\screening is appropriately protected from exposure to potentially infectious individuals by wearing recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) following CDC’s safety guidelines.

In addition to our safety program, we carry comprehensive liability insurance.

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