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Our Approach

Let’s face it. We know we are not the only valet parking company in Houston and that’s why we know we must be different from the rest. What sets up apart from the lot? The answer is very simple: we stick to our core values and we strive for quality in all that we do.

Our approach is very simple yet powerful…we guarantee desired results by the application of proven parking management techniques, along with professional project management best practices, exclusive attention to detail, utilization of current technology, and emphasis on high quality.

Our Way

It is often commented that what sets us apart from our competitors is the way we work. In order to ensure the success of every single event, we follow a proven methodology that includes the implementation of project management processes:



This is the time when we meet our clients in order to conduct assessment of the location where our services will be provided. During this activity we learn in more detail about our clients’ requirements and expectations. We then collect all the requirements and get ready to develop the appropriate management plan. Some of the aspects assessed may include: parking lot/garage condition, capacity and access, distance from parking lot to drop-off/pickup area, queuing capacity, valet parking designated area, handicap and VIP areas, required hours of operation, number of valet attendants required, number of shifts (if applicable), security, valet equipment, etc.


Planning is crucial and key to project success. With all the collected requirements and other information, we proceed to develop the project management plan by defining the work scope, activities we will perform, estimate the cost of service, and plan for quality assurance and risk management. During this process we analyze the logistics and strategies to be followed during the execution of our work. We also plan for the appropriate pre-opening valet orientation, as well as accident prevention training. Site location diagram will be developed in order to define the parking spots allocation to be used by the valet attendants during the performance of their work. Also, valet attendants duties will be defined and assigned accordingly.



OK, this is when the action begins! This part consists of all the processes that are required to carry out the work and ensures that we complete the work defined in the project management plan to satisfy the specifications, always paying attention to quality and customer satisfaction. During work execution, one of the most important tasks we do is the performance of quality assurance. The quality assurance process implements a set of planned systematic acts and processes defined in our quality management plan that ensures the success of every single event we serve.


Monitoring & Controlling

A site managers is designated to every location with the purpose of supervising all the activities performed and take care of any eventuality should one occur during the execution of the work performed. Part of this process also includes quality control; which is an aspect where we put a lot of emphasis.