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Commercial & Corporate Parking Solutions


High Class Valet Parking will add value to your corporate event. Our professional expertise will ensure the success of your corporate event. We understand and share your commitment to customer service and the importance to project a professional image to your existing and potential business partners and clients. Our professional staff will match that image and high standards in every way we can. It is all about establishing strategic business partnership that allows us cooperate with our clients in order to enhance their business and make them more attractive to their customers; which ultimately translates into customer satisfaction and increase in profits.

We either work directly with you or your event planner specialist to coordinate all the important details to guarantee a successful and perfect event.

Among others, our commercial/corporate clients include: Office Buildings, Airports, Catering Companies, Shopping Malls, Museums, Opera, etc.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation meeting with one of our parking management specialists. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 713-367-1226