Frequently Asked Questions

Although the nature of every request is different; for your convenience, we have put together this section in order to address the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Please feel free to call us at any time if any of your questions are not answer in this website section. We’ll be delighted to understand your particular needs and work with you in planning a successful event!










Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about our service? We got the answers!

Search among the FAQs in this section and if you don’t find the answer to your question, please call us…we will be glad to assist you and answer any other question you may have.

How can I book my event?

Very easy! Simply call us at 1-800-890-7393 or email us at

What info do you need from me so that I can book my event?

For one-time events:

We need to get the following info:

    1. Event Day
    2. Event occasion
    3. Event hours of service
    4. Number of expected guests
    5. Event Location Address
    6. Parking Situation (parking availability, how far from event main entrance, access to parking facility, security, etc.)
    7. Valet attendants required uniform (casual, formal attire)
    8. Special request(s) (VIP area, Handicap area, coordination with event planner, etc.)
    9. Point of contact info:
      • Full Name
      • Phone number
      • Email address

For long-term events:

For clients on long-term contracts, the process is a little different as more aspects are taken into consideration. Please call us today to schedule a free consultation meeting with one of our parking management specialists. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-800-890-7393

How many valet attendants do we need for my event?

There is not an exact answer to this question as it varies in each event. The number of valet attendants for your event will depend on but not limited to the following aspects:

  1. Event location parking situation
  2. Number of guests/vehicles expected
  3. Event occasion (Weddings are unique events with the fact that 95% of the time, most guests arrive at the same time especially when the wedding ceremony is held in a church and the wedding reception is held at the place where the valet service is provided. In these cases, additional number of valet attendants may be required in order to appropriately manage the number of guests/vehicles arriving at the same time)
  4. Special requirements

NOTE: As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended in most cases 1 valet attendant for every 25 cars assuming that the parking situation is favorable (parking lot near or in front of the event location).

What are the minimum hours of service?

The minimum hours of service in the valet parking industry is 4 hours and we stick to that standard as well.

How far in advance do I need to book your service?

We serve our clients even the same day they call us but it is always better if you can book our services for you event ahead of time for proper planning and organization.

Can I choose the valet attendants uniform?

Yes you can!

FOR ONE-TIME EVENTS: we offer either 2 types of uniforms:

Casual Attire:

Black Pants, Black Shoes, Black Polo shirt with the company’s logo, Black Jacket (when appropriate and depending on weather conditions) with the company’s logo

Formal Attire:

Black Pants, Black Shoes, White Long Sleeve Shirt with black bow tie


Black Pants, Black Shoes, White Long Sleeve Shirt with black bow tie AND Black formal Vest

NOTE: Black Jacket (when appropriate and depending on weather conditions) with the company’s logo

FOR LONG-TERM CONTRACT CLIENTS: we either offer the 2 types of uniforms mentioned above OR custom uniforms (avail. upon request)

What kind of valet gear/equipment should I expect to see?

You should expect the best valet equipment for your event. We simply use the best valet gear! First impression counts and we make sure we stick to that premise. We use very nice commercial grade locked key boxes with 9 ft. Podium Umbrella, professionally designed valet signs, clean and neat valet cones, umbrellas, delineators, UHF Radios, LED Traffics Batons, Valet Tickets, Valet Attendants Photo I.D. Budges (avail. upon request).

How about if we have special requirements?

We always work with our clients in order to accommodate any special requirements we get from them. Simple let us learn ahead of time of your special requirement(s) and we will do our best to make it happen!

What are the Valet Attendants Duties?

Vehicle Assessment Duties

Our valet attendants are responsible for assessing every vehicle upon arrival to check whether there is any damage visible on the bodywork. They are required to document any surface damage to avoid disputes should a customer complain about a vehicle’s condition.

General Parking Duties

Our valet attendants operate each vehicle safely and efficiently when parking it. The valet attendants will park vehicles within the designated spaces attached to the venue location. The attendants will record which car has been parked in which space and provides a valet ticket to each customer.

Priority Parking Duties

Valet attendants may be required to park certain vehicles in certain spaces, according to the instructions of the employer. This may occur when high-spending or special guests are given priority spaces so they can arrive and leave in comfort, or at weddings to respect the hierarchy of important visitors. Our valet attendants will be adept at safely handling a range of vehicle types.

Parking Space Scheduling and Maintenance

Our valet attendants are expected to keep parking areas clean and ensure all vehicles are parked in an orderly fashion. They should also ensure that all available spaces are maximized and inform their managers should there be a shortage of spaces.

Vehicle Retrieval and Documentation Duties

Valets attendants contact the valet cashier when a customer asks for their vehicle back. Valet cashiers securely store all vehicle keys and parking tickets until a customer is ready to leave. Valet attendants are also responsible for documenting any incidents and accidents that occur during their shifts.

Customer Service Duties

A valet attendant retrieves customer vehicles when requested by contacting the valet cashier. Valets are courteous and considerate when arranging for customers’ cars to be parked. Valets also open car doors to allow customers to enter vehicles. They are also expected to field any inquiries from guest providing directions and the fastest routes to reach the places requested.

How much it will cost me to get your service?

One-Time Events

The tables below show our regular rates considering charges by the hour for each valet attendant required by our customers.

2015 REGULAR RATES (Minimum 4 hours )
2$55 per valet attendant
3 to 5$45 per valet attendant
6 and more$40 per valet attendant

Repeated Customers | Mid and Long Term Contracts

We offer discounted rates for repeated as well as mid and long term contracts customers. Please call us today to schedule a free consultation meeting with one of our parking management specialists. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-800-890-7393.

Can I pay with Credit Card?

Yes, we accept several payment methods including:

  • Major credit cards and pre-paid credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover, PayPal
  • Debit cards (Visa, MasterCard)

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Do you offer discounts/coupons?

Yes, we do! Join our mailing list and you will receive a 10% off discount coupon you can use in your next event.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

In most cases we do not charge any security deposit. We believe and trust the honesty and integrity of all our clients. However, depending on the event, especially in cases of large events, we may need to get a get a deposit prior to the event.

Can I pay for the valet service in installments?

We really understand the pressure of planning an event, large or small on a limited budget. That’s why we offer our clients the possibility to pay installments to make it easier on them! The total amount must be paid at the latest a week prior to the event’s day and the funds are not refundable when using the installment payments option.


Can I purchase a gift card from you?

Absolutely! We sell gift cards…now you have a nice alternative that will make your gift for that special someone very unique and special. Click here to order

Why should I hire you instead of going with another company?

Simple…because with our expertise along with our emphasis in our core values – integrity, excellence, customer focus, and continuous improvements – in combination with proven parking management techniques, along with professional project management best practices and attention to detail, we have been able to create a winning formula that allows us deliver our customers the best quality of service you can get in the parking management industry.

Call us today to schedule a free consultation meeting with one of our parking management specialists. We can be reached by email at or by phone at 1-800-890-7393