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Healthcare Parking Solutions

Healthcare Parking Solutions (HPS™), a division of High Class Parking Services, L.L.C. is proud to provide its professional valet parking and traffic control services to the healthcare industry. With its parking management expertise, attention to detail, superb customer care and compliance to safety regulation, HPS is the perfect choice for healthcare facilities wanting to provide the best service to their patients. For incoming hospital patients, valet is not merely a luxury convenience, it is really a necessity that needs to be provided. All around the country it is quickly becoming the norm that healthcare facilities will have attendants on staff to not only park cars, but help with wheelchairs and other medical equipment. Many visitors are elderly and/or handicapped, and walking even a short distance may be out of the realm of possibility since not every parking space can be located near the entrance.

For a number of hospitals, it does not stop at just valet. Given the congested nature of their parking lots and the urgency of care that may be needed at any time of the day, the process of going from vehicle to room needs to be as uncomplicated as possible. That is why HPS along with offering valet service, also offers specially trained attendants that will help to control traffic within the confines of the property, guiding taxis, non-emergency ambulatory vehicles, and patient drop-off /pick-up. With a mix of returning visitors as well as a large number of rare or first time visitors, hospital parking lots can be confusing and troublesome to navigate. Integrating a parking service into hospital admission takes a huge burden off of hospital staff so they can be better focused to lend their expertise to areas of patients need. Limiting strain on hospital patients, visitors, and staff is the end goal so implementing a strategic and successful parking program is the first step and HPS is here to assist with that.

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