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Residential Parking Solutions


Customer satisfaction as well as high quality service is the main goal of Residential Properties and the provisioning of professional valet parking services helps to accomplish this goal. Valet Parking services, besides being a convenience for residential tenants also enhances the category of the Residential Property making it look more luxurious and appealing. This aspect is used as a great differentiator and it is certainly a great amenity potential new tenants look for and take into serious consideration when making their decision in choosing a Residential Property. According to recent studies, the tendency is for tenants to look at Luxurious Residential Properties as full-service hotels so the lack of amenities could be an important decision factor.

High Class Valet Parking Services uses its experience, manpower, project management knowledge, and proven parking management techniques to efficiently implement a valet parking system that successfully addresses the needs of our Residential Property customers. After performing a site survey/assessment, we come up with the appropriate parking management plan; which among other things, will include all the details required and logistics to maintaining business practices as well as traffic control in compliance to city orders and regulations as well as Residential Property’s local parking regulations, policies and procedures.

We have what is needed and we always do whatever it takes to properly and professionally manage any Residential Property.

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