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Garage & Traffic Control Solutions


In addition to our superior valet parking service, we also provide our clients with garage and parking lot traffic control in those cases when valet attendants are not required.

Our garage and parking lot traffic control services, also known as Directing Services, are used in many different venues whether parking space is plentiful or limited. The purpose of traffic control is to manage and organize the flow of drivers and their vehicles as they enter, park, and exit parking areas. Directing ensures smooth, expedient, efficient and safe traffic. Additionally, traffic control optimizes the use of available parking space, minimizes congestion, and reduces the risk of accidents. For large events, where hundreds of vehicles are self-parked by guests, traffic control is necessary and critical. Field parking, large paved lots, or overflow parking where drivers must be directed into fields or other unpaved areas will tremendously benefit from the guidance of our experienced traffic controllers. Our experience in directing includes everything from a few traffic controllers in a small venue to directing hundreds of vehicles at large event venues including music and sporting venues, theme parks, rodeo parking, theaters, concert venues, etc.


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